Lip of the jug

.. I had an americano this morning, only one shot though! There was a lady in front of me in the queue with her son and they were chatting. It was a good conversation! I could tell the dynamic between them was good and he was happy to relate his circumstances to his mum. “I’ll bring this over to your table” Laura said. Shes good like that. Always friendly and happy to help or pass the time of day. That’s what keeps us coming back to our favourite venues. Just a word, a look, a smile, a greeting. I sat down and wondered about S.G. Martin. It was a new arrival in the harbour over recent days. Actually an old pilot boat refurbished to former glory. My coffee came. “Thanks” I said. I lifted the small jug and began to pour. Some went into my cup but rather a lot over spilled the lip of the jug, down the sides and onto the table. It dribbled onto the floor. No major harm done! Unlike unexpurgated words over spilled from another lip. These messy pools cannot easily be cleaned up! Better to pour gently .. just enough to flavour the receptacle .. just enough to make the contents taste even better than before your outpouring because you can’t clean up the mess from these lips. #coffee #americano #3kingscoffee #portstewartpromenade #benice #morningmusings🌻 #motivate

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