An August Christmas ..

.. I am often mistaken for a well known TV detective known as Columbo.. but not because of my dishevelled dress sense! Today in true Columbo style I discovered Mary and Joseph and the stable bare with baby Jesus an ox and a nice ass! There were also a number of ewes in lamb and with lamb, lurking in a driveway near the seafront in Ballycastle, a small seaside town in Ireland with a famous annual fair.. why are this family at the Lammas Fair I asked myself ?. Perhaps they are trading the animals down the Fair Hill I answered ! Or is it a #brexit related incident ? Did they come across the Channel in a boat? Well out of season and with the angel Gabriel reportedly too cold to give me an interview the mysterious sighting remains unsolved and this question remains unanswered for now as I’m going for an ice cream to create a few more stains on my columbo coat. As I mull over my gelato I am perplexed as to why the stable is being towed behind a Ford truck.. is it because they couldn’t afford a Mercedes? Have they been kidnapped or in this case “trucknapped” in an audacious plan to sabotage this Christmas ? The more I lick the more ridiculous my self questioning becomes. But one things for sure , this isn’t the last straw, there are a couple of bales in the back of the van !

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