The two donkeys.

.. so ..there were these two donkeys; and they were just in a field, up on the north coast and up a side road where two cars could hardly pass by each other. They didn’t actually need a whole pile of lookin after cos they were just kinda content out standing in their own field.. so to speak! Blackthorne was standing looking into the hedge , it was just a hedge doin what hedges do and blackthorne was stood there staring . Anyone passing by probably wouldn’t have noticed him feeling rather down as he watched the hedge rustle in the gentle breeze. “What is rustling?” he thought! Hazel wandered over and casually sniffed his ear. It smelt of donkeys ear, which was a very particular type of smell that only another donkey could appreciate. Blackthorne looked around and saw Hazel .. she was standing by his shoulder.. and in that moment Blackthorne felt his spirit lifting. He knew everything would be ok. “It’s wonderful” he mused, “that I feel so much better when I know someone is nearby, just watching the hedge grow with me”. As quiet as two donkeys in a field can be. Watching and sniffing and musing! Sometimes it’s just enough to go alongside and say nothing!

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